Healing and Happiness in the Kitchen

June 03, 2018

Wellness Coach Brenda Tapia’s Holistic Approach to Food

If you’ve ever been stuck in a food rut, Brenda Tapia knows your struggle. The self-proclaimed “reformed lawyer turned entrepreneur” first began her journey on the road to wellness when she realized the way she was feeding herself wasn’t truly nurturing her at all.


While establishing an exercise regimen with the goal of creating a fit physique, Brenda found herself relying on boring food, sacrificing flavor and the enjoyment that can come from a great meal. “In 2003, motivated by my discomfort and anxiety, I decided to give food a chance but with a different approach,” she says. “I started to use food to heal my body.”

When she decided to seek a deeper connection with her food, she noticed it lifted her spirits as well as helped to resolve physical ailments from which she’d been suffering. Suddenly, the concept that “you are what you eat” had a very clear meaning. Brenda enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York to become certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (2015).


Wishing to share her knowledge, Brenda morphed Wellnessabroso, a blog she began about her personal wellness experiences, into a formal program. She now offers others support in their own wellness, centered on creating simple, nutritious, satisfying meals.

“After knowing the impact of food in our bodies, I felt inspired to share the experience,” she explains. “The intention of the Wellnessabroso project is guiding my clients through their own process of connecting with food. I help them to remove the pattern of feeling useless at the kitchen. We ALL can cook delicious food in an easy way.”


As a wellness ambassador and health coach in Houston, Brenda’s cooking classes and her overall approach are holistic. Her philosophy maintains two key principles of her IIN training:

One is that in pursuing wellness, you must keep in mind different factors that may impact overall health and well-being. (“You don't feel motivated to eat kale after having a terrible day in a job that you don't like.”)

Second, everyone’s needs are different. Food isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s important to listen to your body and its response to things you put in it. A super food for one person could create negative results in another.

Brenda’s intention is to help clients create their own lifestyle template and return a sense of joy to time spent in the kitchen. Through her cooking classes, she teaches individuals how to cook without relying on recipes, which can be overwhelming or stifling.

“Recipes are for certain occasions, but in our day-to-day activities, we need a system that works efficiently,” says Brenda. “Have good ingredients available and the confidence and freedom to mix them in different ways to obtain a variety of delicious dishes.”


This spring, wellness coach Brenda Tapia has joined up with Cookery to share her food and her practical approach to cooking with fellow Houstonians. She is excited to help you connect with your food and empower you to prepare meals that you—and your body—love.

Through Cookery, Brenda will be offering classes featuring vegan and vegetarian preparations that rely on fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, prepared in simple yet delicious ways. You can also invite her over to create a delicious spread of a 3-course vegan meal for family and friends.

After all, reminds Brenda: “Cooking… is a way of expressing love, of taking care of yourself or someone else.”

 Meet Chef Brenda Tapia